Getting the right t-shirt size only leads to comfort and happiness. Measuring for size should be easy - so let's make it easy!

The Width

On a t-shirt, your chest measurement will stretch from the bottom of your vertical shoulder seam, across the broadest part of your chest, and to the other side.

If you are wearing the shirt, make sure you keep your relaxed posture without puffing your chest out. The key here is to make sure that the shirt fits you as you move throughout the day. A measuring tape should be loose enough to move around. Write down the number to the closest inch on your notepad. On a flat surface, place one end of the measuring tape to the end of the shoulder seam and stretch it across the chest to the other shoulder seam.

Quick Tip: Women who are measuring this step should also wear any regular undergarments, like a brassiere, to ensure the exact right measurements for daily wear.

The Overall Length

Finding your overall length will help identify the correct size for your figure, especially if you are tall, short, broad, or petite.

You’ll start with one end of your measuring tape from the top edge of your neckline seam on the front of your body, and then pull all the way to the bottom of the front hem. Write down the measurement to the closest inch on the notepad.

Quick Tip: Try the shirt on during this step so you can determine the exact length of your body. You might even notice something you hadn’t before, like finding that your favorite shirt is a little too short and you could go for an extra inch of length.

Now Compare your measurements against the charts below. Super Easy :)